I am very excited to have taken this step and hope to add interesting bits and pieces over time. I am currently back at the O’Neill Kinesiology College finishing off the Advanced Diploma – hopefully by early 2015.

We are in the middle of a unit called Nutritional Kinesiology which looks at all the systems that are involved in getting the best out of the food we eat. We have covered the renal system – kidney and bladder.

It is amazing what our kidneys have to endure constantly and then all the muscle control required by the bladder some happening without our conscious control and some we may wish we had more conscious control over!

The last weekend looked at the gastrointestinal system – basically from the mouth and all the major organs our food gets processed by on its journey to sustaining us before the waste is eliminated.

We still have many balances to practice that are around how our body metabolises what we eat and drink – lots of work but very interesting.