… I feel light and free, I’m catching myself singing along to no music, last night was so peaceful. My first boy this morning (who has autism), sat and stared at me and then said “you are all new, your hair, your eyes”. I just sat there – he got how I felt. And, I hadn’t done anything but say hello!- E.P. 2014

We brought home 5 years ago a little dog who was highly strung and nervy and travelled poorly (to say the least) in the car.  Missy (is the name we called her) developed an itch which made her scratch and bite herself, she also lost hair during these times.

Over time I took her to 5 different vets and follow-ups, who treated her for fleas, flea and seasonal allergies, worms and I changed her diet.  She took three different antihistamines plus other treatments, nothing worked.

I know a lot about kinesiology and myself and have been having sessions with Karen with great results.  I asked Karen if she could work with Missy.

WOW!  After one session, Missy slept all night, no scratching or biting and played like a puppy, full of cheek and fun and goes for her walk full of confidence.

Missy is now a happy dog and we all get a good night’s sleep.

Me and Missy, also my husband thank Karen for her work.

I would recommend to any dog owner that is having problems with their dog to have a visit with Karen.

With many thanks

Regards Marilyn