What is Kinesiology ?

Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-easy-ology) is a natural therapy based on both Eastern and Western health knowledge that uses muscle monitoring as a means of finding the best correction for your issue.

So what does that mean?  Unfortunately, in our Western minds, we don’t have the language to easily explain what Eastern Medicine can do.  It is very easy to think that we need to see something for it to actually be there, and yet, there are times in our day when you may feel someone enter the room behind you, or know someone is looking at you without first seeing this happen.  This is the energy that we all put out and receive – without even trying!  To add to this, Kinesiology can also be provided over distance.  That is, you do not have to be physically in my clinic to receive a Kinesiology session.

The points that acupuncturists work with when placing a needle are the same points I use as a Kinesiologist but I can use touch, sound, scent (essential oils), flower essences, crystals and light – NO needles!

I have protocols to follow and the muscle monitoring (see “Muscle Monitoring” tab in the “Kinesiology” section) directs me to what your body wants to feel better.  Indeed, any therapist that uses muscle monitoring to assess what they need to do for you, is using kinesiology – even if they call it something else.