Good grief! In coming into my website, I saw so many drafts that I thought had been posted! And given that keeping my website and other tech points of contact are kept up to date was part of my 2023 business plan, I had better rectify that very soon!

Another New Year comes and goes and I can only hope the weirdness of this world we are living in balances itself out sooner rather than later.

It is part of my plan to use video for my “sound bites” or “inspirations from the shower” – I have such clear thoughts when I shower!

By doing video, for good or for bad, you get my tone, facial expressions and the real meaning behind my words so I hope that makes it an ok experience for you.

Also, my daughter Nicola, has taken my room on Mondays for her Milyana Sound Therapy business. She is qualified to Diploma and will have achieved her Advanced Diploma by February 2023. Her contact details are 0422 494 764 if you’d like to make an appointment with her.

All the very best for 2023 and I hope all things you have planned for the year come to fruition!