For those interested in the way things work!
A couple of weekends ago I was reminded that I really wanted to look at the Methylation Cycle in its relation to chronic health conditions like auto-immunity, thyroid issues, mental health issues, cancer and the list goes on. It is where toxins, infections (bacterial, viral and fungal), heavy metal toxicity etc fits in with health outcomes.
I’d been taught aspects of the cycle particularly in my kinesiology studies courtesy of Dr Igor Tabrizian’s “Visual Textbook of Nutritional Medicine” but hadn’t got to the point of joining the dots until now.  I don’t remember being taught much more than the Kreb’s Cycle in nursing but then maybe they didn’t know the extent of it back in the 80s or maybe I blocked it all back then!

If you’re interested in biochemistry there are some fabulous lectures available on YouTube (I started with the 4 part series called “Methylation Made Easy” and progressed from there!) and some great images of the Methylation Cycle map in Google images to help complete your understanding.

The main point is – stomach acid must be at pH 2-3 (Guyton) and from then on the right balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the diet and presence of necessary enzymes needed to cause the chain reactions required for good health.

So when you are told that it doesn’t matter what you eat – the Methylation Cycle tells differently!

Things that can alter your stomach acid pH outside the pH 2 – 3 range:

  • poor dietary choices
    • (high starch carbs like wheat based foods, excess potatoes, rice etc)
    • carbonated drinks – particularly those high in sugar (watch “That Sugar Movie” to see just how much sugar is in some drinks that you may not be aware of)
  • stress
  • medications – particularly those that are designed to bring comfort from reflux and heart burn.

When you are told that supplements “… make expensive wee”.  It is really very important to make sure you are only supplementing under the advice of a qualified practitioner and that you are not buying substandard supplements that can actually cause more harm than good.  An example of this is our milk (dairy and alternative versions) are supplemented with calcium – but not a calcium that is easily absorbed into our body system.  One of the reasons I make my own almond milk if I can’t get the organic version that is not “value”-added.