As of the 1st of April, it has been legislated that no private health fund can offer rebates for Kinesiology (and 15 other commonly used therapies).

The down-side of this legislation, besides financial cost, is that it will now be more difficult to identify the fully qualified practitioner from someone with less qualifications or studies gained at an institution that is not a Government accredited organisation.  This is a question you can put to the therapist (if this is important to you).

The Government decision has the potential to be reversed if enough Australians petition their Federal local member and the Federal Health Minister – there is a petition circulating at the moment on social media where they have over 100,000 signatures – please consider adding yours to the list!

The decision was made on the basis that there is no research to support the value of the 16 therapies now not covered and yet 2 out of 3 Australians choose to spend their hard-earned $ in the direction of complementary therapies.

Please do know that my peak body, the Australian Kinesiology Association, continues to expect me to maintain a professional standard in my delivery of Kinesiology.  I have to maintain 20 Continuing Professional Development points a year (more than 20 hours of additional learning or Kinesiology therapy participation) as well as maintaining a current First Aid certificate.