Good grief – I was going to be so onto it this year with keeping my website up to date!

I’m pretty sure I have failed to mention before that I am involved in a Not For Profit organisation called Wellness Agents Inc.

Our tagline is “Thriving in a Changing World”. And, “There is always more to learn.” For us at Wellness Agents, it is important that people take responsibility for their health but, we also accept that this is not as easy as it may sound.

Wellness Agents started back in 2016. We were all set to launch in 2020 with a live event that never went ahead because it was 2020. So, here in 2024, we finally stepped onto the stage, letting people know we even exist by creating YouTube content once a month. The first YouTube link is here and, there are more after that! Please like and subscribe if you want to be alerted to future productions!

Our website link is here you can subscribe to our newsletters. The Wellness Agents take turns writing on subjects we feel are worth writing about. Take a look by choosing the Articles tab on the website. You can also take the opportunity to check out any upcoming events. Here is my submission for April on the challenges of researching your health issue

We are hosting an event in May 2024, “Art Play for Adults” at CASM in Mandurah. This is an opportunity to switch on your creativity with colour, movement, and joy! You get to take home your creation too!

As well as great writing skills, Kelly will lead the art workshop as she’s an accomplished artist as well! And don’t worry if you feel you can’t do art. You’ll be amazed how you can!

The cost of the workshop includes all the materials and, you will get to experience some simple and effective yoga and kinesiology that will get your creative juices flowing!