The story behind the drink recipe

The gentleman (I’ll call Bill – not his real name) who shared this recipe with me was given it from a friend of his.  Bill told me that 5 months ago, one of his knees was very painful and double the size it is now and he also used to have dreadful pain in his neck that caused him to stoop – and this is completely gone as well.  He credits these changes to the drink.  What I also saw was a motivated and charismatic elderly man who had a new lease on life! 

Bill attends a clinic where a while back he was delivered the news that he carries the gene that makes him susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease.  He understood what this meant as he had watched family members progress through the disease.  This brought about an initial bout of depression but he courageously picked himself up and decided to make the most of what he had.

Please don’t let your genetics to get in the way of your perception of your health.  If you feed your cells with good food, a healthy attitude and do regular exercise, you’re a long way down the track of living well.  A good read on this topic is “The Biology of Belief” by Dr Bruce Lipton – the Cell Biologist that really put Epigenetics out there.  Epigenetics means “above the genes”.  He does a fabulous presentation on this subject on You Tube as well if you find that easier than reading.

Anti-inflammatory drink

1 heaped teaspoon of turmeric

1 heaped teaspoon of coconut oil (the oil that goes solid in cool temperature)

Make a paste of the above ingredients.

Add a couple of “twists” from dispenser of black pepper to paste

¾ cup of hot water

Add ½ a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of honey (ensure it is a quality honey – our local SW unprocessed honey has healing properties)

Hold your nose and drink!  (This was Bill’s advice!)


This is how the recipe was handed to me but there are points to note:

Go for quality ingredients –

  1. Cocoa powder could be substituted with organic cacao from health food shop
  2. Not all honeys are equal! Avoid honey sold at the supermarkets, pay the extra and get honey that will serve you well.  In the SW of Australia we have fabulous suppliers of unprocessed honey from bees in our forests.


I feel so blessed when I come into contact with amazing people and their stories. 

Below is information about each of the active ingredients in the drink – I’ve sourced these off the internet but please do your own research and take control of your own health.  Be aware that you may have an intolerance or allergy to one or more of the ingredients so take responsibility and make healthy substitutes that suit you.

Properties of the ingredients:

Turmeric – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, boosts Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (improves brain function), contributes to assisting with lowering risk to heart disease, assists with preventing cancer, assists with arthritis, benefits those with depression.

Coconut Oil – Raise HDL levels, contain medium chain triglycerides, a quick source of energy, convert easily to ketones that benefit the brain, increase fat burning, has an anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects.  There are gut side effects so watch your dosages and make changes that suit your body’s response.

Black Pepper – Bill told me that he was told that black pepper helps the body to absorb the turmeric.  Other sources advise it’s great for providing manganese, Vit K, Iron and fibre.  It is also an antioxidant, discourages intestinal gas from forming, helps breakdown of fat cells.  Increases the body’s ability to absorb a multiple of nutrients.

Cacao – an anti-oxidant, it contains protein, and a multitude of nutrients and essential fatty acids.  It contains phytochemicals that can lower LDL cholesterol, improve heart function and reduce cancer risk.

Honey – a blend of sugar and multiple nutrients, amino acids.  It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties as long as it is unprocessed honey.

Water – it’s also my policy to look at the quality of the water you drink and the additives that contribute to your daily intake and therefore health.  Loads to research there!!