It’s now September 2021 and I have just found this post still sitting in the draft section rather than “out there” in my webpage! It was written in 2020 but is more relevant than ever. I’m glad I have found it as I didn’t remember documenting anything through this time of “stupid”, “madness”, incomprehensible”, “divisive” – you name it anything but reasonable.

Sometime late in 2020 – It’s been too long since I have visited my own site to update and touch base. I have had a few attempts to do an update that I now understand to be either half-hearted or distracted!

So much has happened and is still happening for everyone, everywhere in this year of 2020 – the year that keeps on “giving”. For me, these extreme times of change we’re all living have at times been triggering, many times intriguing and sometimes fearful but also with an element of excitement for the future.

Probably, the most important message I’ve received for myself out of this range of emotions is to allow myself to feel the emotion and then find some way to process it so that it is no longer causing stress (think anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness …).

Kinesiology is an obvious path for me but I do know to never limit myself to one type of therapy. It is incredibly important to incorporate movement into you energy health practice. For me, this is Dru Yoga and Meditation. We live in a time with many options and fabulous talented local therapies to explore.

If your chosen form of movement is highly aerobic, then balance this with a therapy that helps your mind be calm. By this, I am meaning slow and meditative. I have heard comments like “it’s boring” or, “I need to be doing something” etc. This is the point. When sitting and meditating, it appears from the outside that you are not doing anything but on the inside you are activating the “relaxation response” and this is your own body’s way of countering the “stress response”. If you ever get the opportunity to see “The Connection” produced by Shannon Harvey, you will get a very good explanation of the importance of sitting peacefully. From my understanding, meditation is the only way to diffuse the cortisol released at times of stress, particularly long term stress.

You may be like me and have enormous trouble doing this process on your own – even with the assistance of an an app – so join a group. The group energy is amazing and so powerful. There is going to be a massive world wide meditation event on December 21. The first time I became aware of this was a calling for as many Australians to participate because of an activation of Uluru – the literal heart of this great land. I highly recommend you look this up (see link) as it will be a fabulous event to be a part of in your own chosen space.

So I guess the real message I’d like this to carry today is to feel whatever you are going through at the moment and process it through at least one modality of energy work you resonate with so that you can live with peace and calm. If nothing else that 2020 has taught us – we need to be able to live with peace and calm! Look for things that you can be grateful for and process the emotions that are making your life feel uncomfortable. Kinesiology is a brilliant tool for assisting the body in the processing of emotions.